Blinds Brite Blind Cleaning

  1. Blinds Brite cleans blinds at your home, school or office
  2. Need new blinds or shades? We can help.
  3. Did you know Blinds Brite repairs blinds and shades?
  4. Renovating your Home or Office? See how we can help.
  5. Recommendations and Reviews
  6. How to Contact Us

Blinds Brite Cleans Blinds at Your Home, School or Office 

Blinds Brite has been cleaning blinds for over 28 years.

We clean blinds at YOUR office, school or home. Blinds Brite will remove the blinds, thoroughly clean them in our mobile cleaning factory and replace them.

Done in a minimum of time, at a reasonable cost, at your convenience AND YOU ARE NEVER WITHOUT YOUR BLINDS.

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Blinds Brite Repairs Blinds and Shades


Blinds Brite can repair blinds with broken tilters, cords, brackets, vertical head rails and we also restring cellular shades.

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Let Blinds Brite Add Even More Beauty to Your Home

Living Room Blinds

You select fabric, colors and type of blinds from the convenience of your own home or office.

Sales call

Blinds Brite sells all major brands of blinds and shades. Blinds Brite will measure, order and install your choice of window treatment.

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Renovating Your Office or Home? Let us Take Care of Your Blinds.

Whether you are painting your home interior or renovating an entire floor in an office building, Blinds Brite will come to your location, take the blinds down and store them in our warehouse. While at our warehouse the blinds will be cleaned and readied for installation when your project is completed. You remove the risk of paint spills, drywall dust and damage caused by the construction process. There is no additional charge for this service beyond the normal on site cleaning price.

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Recommendations and Reviews

If we have already cleaned your blinds, they are now mold and pollen free. We welcome your opinion.

Click here to view our ratings on Angie’s List

photo of Gary Sullivan

Watch a demonstration of Blinds Brite in action on the Gary Sullivan show.

Click here to view Blinds Brite on the Gary Sullivan show

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How to Contact Us or If You Have Questions

Blinds Brite Truck at Your Location
We’ve been cleaning blinds at your location for more than 23 years.

To Schedule an Appointment:
Cincinnati: (513) 874-3310
Dayton: (937) 228-3115

Have Questions? Call Blinds Brite anytime: (513) 659-3090.

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